Last Training Ride Before France 2019

Posted on: July 15th, 2019
This past Saturday Val and I rode the infamous Triple Bypass, 118 miles and 10,700 feet of elevation gain from Evergreen to Avon, CO. Since it's only 5 days before we leave for France it will be our last hard training ride before we leave for two weeks in France. Along with several other friends, we were joined on the "Triple" by Brendon, Bryce, and Ken, who will also join us in France.

We rolled at 5 am to beat the crowds and heat, and it truly was a spectacular day. I chased Brendon and some other fast riders all day, and as a result only took one photo -- from the Top of Loveland Pass at 11,990 feet, about 60 miles in! As you can see it was a postcard day in the mountains!

From the top of Loveland Pass we descended [quickly] on the road visible in the picture to Keystone Ski Resort, went up and over Swan Mountain, then rode the 15 miles or so to Copper Mountain Ski Area, and then up and over Vail Pass. We finished before 1 pm, with a total ride time of under 7 hours, 10 minutes (averaging 16.5 miles per hour). After a much-needed lunch and beer I welcomed Val and our friend Tara upon their arrival -- they rode the Triple in just over 8 1/2 hours! A link to my Strava data is available at

Looking forward to similar rides in France! Au revoir for now.
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On 16 Jul 2019 Bryan Black says:
Crazy man.

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