Cauteret & The Spanish Bridge

Posted on: July 25th, 2018
Wednesday we rode up to the beautiful ski town of Cauteret and beyond to the Spanish Bridge, so named because it was part of the trade route with Spain.

After descending the "driveway" and  the main road to Soulom, we climbed just over 3,000 feet in 11 miles up to the Spanish Bridge. Other than the steady stream of cars going up to this popular hiking destination, it was a beautiful ride with incredibly steep canyon walls, waterfalls, and heavy tree canopy in sections. All in all it was a beautiful climb and a fun, fast descent.

Here's my Strava data, 4590 vertical feet in just over 36 miles: /

Back at the gite we ate lunch and then watched the short mountainous stage of the Tour de France, which was in the area we rode on Monday. It was cool to see them ride the same roads . . . . albeit much faster.

Pictures to follow. Au revoir for now.
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