Cirque de Gavarnie - a beautiful setting

Posted on: July 25th, 2018
After our difficult day Monday Tuesday, was a relatively easy day with a ride over the Cirque de Gavarnie, a large vertical semi-circle cliff that houses Europe's largest waterfall.

In a total of 34 miles we climbed roughly 3,500 feet, including the 800 feet back to our gite at the end of the ride (or the "driveway" as Tim calls it). At the Cirque we stopped for lunch so we could admire the setting, and as we did thunder clouds rolled in and it started to rain. Not wanting the descend wet roads we left immediately but it didn't matter - the skies soon opened up and we got SOAKED! (But I'm not complaining.)

Fortunately the rain stopped right as we started the driveway climb and we dried quickly in the in the intense mountain heat.

After a relaxing afternoon watching the Tour de France we drove over to Cauteret and the Pont d'Espagne (Spanish Bridge), another World Heritage Site and spectacular setting. After dinner in Cauteret we called it an early night or another big day Wednesday.

Au revoir for now.
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On 25 Jul 2018 Patty Barnes says:
So happy that you are all well. Sounds like a magnificent trip!!! We love you and miss you, Mom and Merrill

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