Final Training Ride for France - the Triple Bypass!

Posted on: July 15th, 2018
Saturday was our final training ride for France, and it was a doozy . . . the Triple Bypass, a 118 mile ride from Evergreen to Avon, CO with 10,500+ vertical feet of climbing!

The ride is named the Triple Bypass because there are three massive climbs: (1) up Juniper Pass to 11,020 feet; (2) up Loveland Pass to 11,991 feet; and finally up Vail Pass to 10,662 feet! However, there's actually a 4th climb up and over Swan Mountain up to 10,796 feet, which is much shorter than the others but steep. So in my mind this really should be the Quadruple Bypass!

Here's a link to my Strava data for the day, including the map of of our route: riding time was just under 7 1/2 hours, with the total time (including breaks) at 8 hours, 15 minutes.

I didn't take a single photo but here are photos of Matt and me at the start and finish: note the chain in Matt's hand at the finish - it broke as he crossed the finish line!

We leave for the Pyrenees on Wednesday . . . can't wait!

Au revoir for now.

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On 18 Jul 2018 Bryan says:
Easy peasy ;)

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